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Archer R6 Receiver Poor Range

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First time using the Access protocol, doing a range test with a Taranis X9D Plus 2019 SE, RSSI reduces to 35 then 32 and low and critical signal announced. Receiver stops responding to control inputs at RSSI of 29 at about 10 paces. Tried a second R6 and similar behaviour.

Have updated transmitter firmware and ISM module and receiver OTA to the latest software.

Running EU software.

Any Suggestions ??

Posted : 08/05/2023 8:22 pm
Barry Cole
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If its more then one receiver, I would suspect the radio/antenna or module.

What is it like, with other receivers??

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Posted : 11/05/2023 2:37 pm
Barry Cole
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Don't you hate it when people ask a question, and then just disappear.

Posted : 16/05/2023 3:47 pm
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Posted by: @barrycole

Don't you hate it when people ask a question, and then just disappear.


I think Paul is using an online spam blocker which has stopped notifications from getting to him.  He has set up a new Profile for which I got the following notification.


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Paul if you read this, you need to get this sorted to participate in this forum.  If I keep getting these emails I will have no choice but to remove you.



Posted : 12/06/2023 6:47 am