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Receiver problem with Servo hunting

Stuart Munro
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I have a problem - one of many I'm sure but this one is FrSky related! 


I've just installed an Archer R6 ACCESS in a sailboat. I've been using FrSky for a couple of months and no problems with other boats but this one sees the sail drum servo - A Hitec 785hb hunting excessively. 

I've swapped out the R6 for a spare one I had -same problem. I've connected a spare Hitec 785HB to the RX IN THE BOAT and get the same problem. However, connecting the spare servo with a spare R6 outside the boat seems to produce some but less hunting. 

I've changed the refresh rate on the QX7S - it does not help.

But playing with the antenna seems to have an impact - so I rested the spare R6 inside the boat, powered from outside and connected to the spare Hitec 785 and the problem returns. My conclusion is that the wooden hull of the boat or some components therein are causing interference but that seems unlikely as the previous system (Futaba) had no such isues.

Any thoughts anyone? This is the first time I've connected a Hitec 785 but they are pretty hard to avoid in boating circles as the only realistically priced powerful drum winch on the market. These are low powered units and very expensive (£300) high powered, heavy and large ones. The 785 fills a unique spot so I really don't want to find it unusable with FrSky!



Topic starter Posted : 18/08/2021 5:19 pm