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Archer SR6 Self Check Issues

John Keogh
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I have discovered that during the  self-check , unlike the SXR’s you also have to operate any switch or sliders assigned to servo channel outputs set to AUX.  EG On the SR6 if CH5 and CH6 are set to AUX then unlike the S6R where signals from the transmitter are passed through without intervention, here, if the switches are not operated during the self-check blue flashing LED period, there will be no output forwarded by the SR6 receiver to devices attached to these channels.


Hence I have further revised my proposed alternative text:


Steps (Different from the SXR/R9 STAB 0TA A/RB series)


  • Turn on the transmitter and ensure that AIL (CH1). ELE (CH2). RUD (CH4 ) and if assigned AIL 2(CH5) and ELE (CH6)  are in the neutral position.


  • Power on the model and start the SR6 self- check. Ensure the auto level angle of the gyro and the neutral position of gimbal. Please do not touch/move the model until self-check finishes or it may corrupt the calibration settings created during the procedure.


  • Move the three-position switch assigned to channel 12 three times as fast as you can (within 1 second up. down)*. The BLUE LED will come on.  After 8 to 9 seconds the Blue LED will flash, NOW immediately move the sticks AND ANY SWITCHES assigned to CH1-CH6 (except the throttle) fully from left to right / up / down and through each switch position. Complete this action before the blue LED stops flashing (you have 7 – 8 seconds)**  the corresponding part of the model will move. At last, the BLUE LED will turn off and the corresponding parts on the  model will move automatically,  indicating the self-check has completed.  The SR6 will save the zero points of the gyro. auto level angle. gimbal neutral position and servo channels limits


  • Move the sticks/ and switches assigned to CH1-CH6 (except the CH related to the throttle) and check the channel output limits, ensuring that the signal outputs of SR6 will not damage the corresponding parts on the model.


* If this is done too slowly the SR6 may not enter the self-check mode.


**Failure to complete the control stick movements before the flashing blue LED goes out will result in there being no output from the channels associated with the uncompleted stick and switch movements.   If this is the case, repeat the self-test process and ensure all the stick and switch movements are completed before the flashing blue LED goes out (Unlike the S6R, channels set to AUX are not ignored.   E.G if you have flaps on CH5 assigned to switch SC, there will be no output to the flap servos if switch SC is not operated whilst the LED is flashing blue!



Topic starter Posted : 10/01/2021 2:54 pm
Martin liked
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Thanks for this John.

Posted : 18/01/2021 8:41 am
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This is quite a feat on my Horus X10 Express, I have flaps and arming switch along with the gain switch. You have to be quick.

Posted : 25/07/2021 8:48 pm