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Bitmap files with X20S and Ethos

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I wanted to attach pictures of my helis to the model definitions in my X20S. I had trouble getting my bitmaps to appear correctly, I've found Ethos to be a bit buggy. After some trial and error, here's what you need to do:

- Image must be 300x280 pixels
- Resolution of 300dpi seems to work OK
- Filename must be 10 characters or less, excluding the file extension (13 is too long, 10 works, not tested what the actual threshold is) - if too long you can still see the file in the file manager, but can't see the file in the selection screen when editing a model
- Image must be saved in Adobe RGB colour space - images saved in sRGB colour space just render as blank!
- Copy the bitmap into the SDCard /bitmaps/user/
- Oh, and the file format and file extension must be .png
Hope this helps others!
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