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[Sticky] Frsky Ethos. A totally new system

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Rich bago
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Joined: 3 years ago
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Posted by: @flybiggles

Hi Rich,

I have been onto the forum  spent the last two weeks looking for version 1.0.7 - found it only to be faced with approx 12-15 options of downloadable compressed files ...............and not one listed as 1.0.7 even under the section that is headed 1.0.7 - not easy to follow

info on how to update and what files to use:

Phil Brandreth
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Brilliant Rich I can follow step by step instruction, now running version 1.0.7 

that type of instruction is what is missing from th entire X20S instruction Manual.

many thanks it’s easy when you know how!

now how about using a switch to arm motor and a side slider to control the motor speed for f5j ?

very best wishes Phil 

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