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I have got the master/slave set-up working but not correctly.


The Problem


The Master tx has the trainer aircraft named Yellow Trainer set up by the Create Model wizard, and at this point resides in the uncategorized folder.

The aircraft has two aileron servos allocated to Channel 1 and Channel 5.


When aircraft control is passed to the slave tx the aileron response rate is increased (appeared to be doubled), with effect that the servo stops at what would be the "full throw" position (when control was under the master alieron stick), but the slave stick is only at "half throw". Moving the slave stick from "half throw" to "full throw" results in no further movement of the servo. This phenomenon can be seen and measured on tx screens.


The Trainer Mode = Master settings for the Aileron channels of: -

CH1 Replace Aileron Destination Category Analogs

CH5 Replace Aileron Destination Category Analogs

or: -

CH1 Replace Ch1 (Aileron1) Destination Category Channels

CH5 Replace Ch5 (Aileron2) Destination Category Channels

does not solve the problem, either 'Analogs' or 'Channels' destinations giving the same results.

It is suspected that the Master's Ailerons 1,5 Mixer is doubling the Slave aileron rate, but changing 'Replace Percentage' from 100% to 50% does not solve the problem of doubling the Slave aileron rate.


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