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WAV files for the X20S with Ethos

Richard M
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Just to let others know. I wanted to add my own audio .wav file so that I could create a special function to play it (actually, I wanted a speech clip that says "throttle hold") .

I found out that It needs to be a certain format (like the system .wav files supplied with the TX). It is: 32KHz sample rate, 16-bit, mono. If it wasn't this format then Ethos on X20S wouldn't play it (I have Ethos 1.0.10 EU).

Once you get the .wav file in the right format (you need to search how to do this for your own computer if you don't know already), then just simply put the X20S into bootloader mode and transfer the .wav file to the /audio directory where it can be found by the special functions.

The specific .wav file format wasn't covered in the Ethos user manual, I had to find this out by trial and error and looking at the format of an existing .wav file in the Ethos system directory.




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Thanks for that info Richard.