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[Sticky] FrSky Delta 8ch Multi-Protocol RX

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FrSky Delta 8 RX 2 540x400

FrSky Delta 8 Multi-Protocol RX

FrSky continues to redefine and expand customer choice with this innovative new product.

The FrSky Delta 8 is an 8 channel 2.4Ghz unit that is fully compatible with 3 different brands of radio control equipment - Futaba, Hitec and FrSky.

The protocols serviced are:

Futaba A-FHSS
Hitec A-FHSS
Futaba FHSS
FrSky 2 Way Series 'D' Modules and also the older FrSky V8 modules

Binding to any of these systems is simplicity itself - with fully automatic lock to the correct protocol - although, manual lock is available too, with a simple jumper to lock selection.

RSSI and CPPM are also facilitated, the latter allowing 8 channels to be fed through a single connection - great for the advanced heli and multicopter specialists out there.

Weight: 9.3g
Operating Voltage Range: 3.0v to 16.0v

Posted : 11/04/2019 1:44 pm
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