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[Sticky] FrSky FLVSS Smart Port LiPo Voltage Sensor

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FLVSS LiPo Voltage Sensor 1 540x400

FrSky FLVSS LiPo Voltage Sensor

Dimension: 35×23×6mm
Weight: 6g
Measurement range: 2S to 6S (6 to 25V)
Power consumption: 25mA@5V
Voltage display resolution: 0.01V
Voltage detection precision: 0.05V
Operating temperature: 10-70 degrees C
Pixel: 128 x 64 OLED Screen
Compatibility: FrSky Smart Port enabled receivers, such as X8R, X6R, X4R, etc.

*NB. Two x FLVSS connected via S.PORT can detect 12S voltages.

FLVSS LiPo Voltage Sensor 2

All files related to the FrSky FLVSS Smart Port LiPo Voltage Sensor including manuals are available here:

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