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FrSky Neuron 80 ESC
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[Sticky] FrSky Neuron 80 ESC

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The FrSky Neuron Series ESC is a professional grade control unit, integrated with built-in telemetry like high-precision current sensor, voltage sensor, motor RPM, power consumption and ESC temperature sensor. Features optional DShot signaling and an adjustable SBEC voltage, that can be changed via LUA script. The Neuron ESC is encased in a CNC aluminum protective shell which also aids in heat dissipation. As with most FrSky products, the Neuron series is completely S.Port compatible, allowing you to use our full line of S.Port Telemetry sensors.




  • Smart Port enabled and telemetry data transmission supported
    • Telemetry data for ESC: Voltage, Current, RPM, Power Consumption, Temperature.
    • Telemetry data for SBEC: Output Voltage, Current.
  • High performance 32-bit micro-processor
  • High-precision current sensor ACS781KLRTR-150U-T(Resolution 125mA, Precision ±2%) and ACS711KEXLT (Resolution 50mA, Precision ±2%)
  • Over-temperature and over-current protection
  • SBEC supports 7A@5~8.4V (Adjustable through LUA or through FreeLink App with Airlink S )




  • Dimension: 59x33x17mm (L×W×H)
  • Weight: 58g
  • LiPo Cells: 3~6S
  • Adjustable SBEC Voltage: 5~8.4V (Voltage Step: 0.1V)
  • Current: 80A
  • Peak Current: 120A

Manual for FrSky Neuron 80 ESC is available here:

Posted : 13/04/2019 12:48 pm
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I've programmed the Neuron 80 ESC as per the attached screen shot. The BEC volts and telemetry are fine but the motor doesn't respond to throttle. This is a replacement Neuron 80 ESC, the first was exchanged due to me having the same problem. The motor is 380kV (Motion RC Corsair) and battery is 6s 5000mAhr. The motor runs fine with the ESC supplied with the model but I wanted to change it for one with inbuilt telemetry. I've tried the ESC with throttle calibration on and with it off. Minimum throttle is 988 and maximum throttle 2012. This output has been confirmed from the receiver. Any ideas please, I'm loosing faith rapidly with this FrSky ESC. I've also tried it with a different motor (800kV) with exactly the same result.

Screenshot 2020 03 11 at 14.49.29


Posted : 11/03/2020 3:25 pm
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The problem turns out to be the minimum throttle setting of 988 not allowing the ESC to arm. There seems to be no tolerance on this setting when the ESC does its start up check and anything above prevents the arming of the ESC. Programming the minimum value to 1000 solved the problem and the ESC worked perfectly. My original Neuron 80 failed to work even with a higher setting and I had communication issues when connecting to it.

Posted : 12/03/2020 1:02 pm
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Thanks for sharing the info Steve.

Posted : 12/03/2020 9:14 pm