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S8R wont go into self test

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Hi all. I have recently got into the FrSky family and all has been fine, till I decided I wanted some stabilisation ???? 

After a couple of binding issues between my new S8R and (new) X7S, we seemed to be on the way. All my flight modes and outputs are setup, and everything seems to read fine when simulated on PC and checked on Tx.

However, despite this. I cannot get the Rx to go into self test mode, to setup stick travels etc.
Neither Ch12 inputs or pressing the FS button on the Rx, do anything. 

After 4 days of trying to sort it, I have T9Hobbysport a call and he suggested to pop on here. 
I'm hoping someone who knows what they are talking about can help.

Many Thanks, Jordan

Posted : 21/12/2020 12:34 pm
Barry Cole
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Channel 3 must be at -100, (Throttle closed) for the self check to work.

If that does not do it send me a message.


Posted : 21/12/2020 2:07 pm
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All sorted now. Didn't change anything, but it decided to start working and now does so repeatably.

All flown and absolutely lovely. Just need to work out how to stop it spinning on hover mode now ???? I'm assuming the gain was too high, or it was something to do with the 35mph gusts.

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Posted : 21/12/2020 4:27 pm
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Two issues.  The first of my two SR6's would not enter self test mode via three position switch (SG) as expected using same settings and method as S6R's.   After multiple switching attempts Self-test was entered unexpectedly and completed before I had a chance to move the control sticks as required.  This resulted in there being no output to the servo channels (other than the throttle) at all.    Further attempts to enter self test mode with a view completing the stick movements failed.   Noted that using the SR6 LUA and disabling the gyro mode restored control surface response to the sticks (but now no stabilisation functions). 

Working together with Richard Baggo (T9Hobby tech support) I tried rapidly operating the channel 12 switch through each of the three switch positions as fast as I could and magically for the first time in 4 days the SR6 responded.  So the two seconds stated in the manual is too slow and the self test will not initiate.  Secondly be sure to be ready some 7 seconds after self test is initiated to complete the control stick movements whilst the blue led is flashing.

Here is my suggested alternative text for this procedure:

Steps (Different from the SXR/R9 STAB 0TA A/RB series)


  • Turn on the transmitter and ensure that AIL (CH1). ELE (CH2). RUD (CH4 ) and if assigned AIL 2(CH5) and ELE (CH6) are in the neutral position.
  • Power on the model and start the SR6 self- Ensure the auto level angle of the gyro and the neutral position of gimbal. Please do not touch/move the model until self-check finishes or it may corrupt the calibration settings created during the procedure.
  • Move the three-position switch assigned to channel 12 three times as fast as you can within 1 second (up. mid. down)*. The BLUE LED will come on.  After 8 to 9 seconds the Blue LED will flash, NOW immediately move the sticks assigned to CHI-CH6 (except the throttle) fully from left to right / up and down. Complete this action before the blue LED stops flashing (you have 7 – 8 seconds)**  the corresponding part of the model will move. At last, the BLUE LED will turn off and the corresponding parts on the  model will move automatically,  indicating the self-check has completed.  The, SR6 will save the zero points of the gyro. auto level angle. gimbal neutral position and servo channels limits.
  • Move the sticks assigned to CH1-CH6 (except the CH related to the throttle) and check the channel output limits, ensuring that the signal outputs of SR6 will not damage the corresponding parts on the model.

* If this is done too slowly the SR6 may not enter the self-check mode.

 **Failure to complete the control stick movements before the flashing blue LED goes out will result in there being no output from the channels associated with the uncompleted stick movements.   If this is the case, repeat the self-test process and ensure all the stick movements are completed before the flashing blue LED goes out


Posted : 07/01/2021 6:43 pm
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I did mine by using the binding button on the receiver push once and you blue light will start and activate the set up

Posted : 30/01/2021 3:15 pm
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I have a Taranis QX7 running Open TX 2.3.14 new setup which would not bind with a frsky S8R receiver. After updating all the firmware for the RX & TX the RX still would not bind with the TX. I flashed the Transmitter’s XJT firmware with XJT-V 2.1.0 , after which the binding was successful, but only the throttle channel on the receiver is working. I tried to initiate the self check for the receiver through the S/F button and it did not work it seems like this feature has been eliminated in recent updates.  They probably figured no one wants to dig inside the plane (probably taking it apart) to use that method.  So it is via TX commands only now. 

I tried putting the channel 12 on SB switch and did everything as suggested in this form but still the receiver would not initiate self check.

could you please help .





Posted : 16/01/2022 11:09 am