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[Sticky] Frsky STK USB Programmer For S6R/S8R Receiver

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Frsky SKT USB cable for programming the GPS and Accelerometer functions on the S6R and S8R receivers. Also can be used for updating Smart Port products


S.Port 1 (upper) – Monitor, receive and set the telemetry data for S6R (with DIP switch to the upper side)

S.Port 2 (down) - Upgrade S.Port products (with DIP switch to the down side)

Steps: Put the DIP switch to the down side → connect the USB port of STK to the USB port of PC → run “frsky_update_Sport.exe”, match the COM port number to the one assigned by PC. Click “File” button and select FW version → connect the 3-wire S.Port cable to the S.Port 2 of STK and S.Port of upgraded product → After “device found, please click Download”, then click the “Download” button to start the upgrade → Exit the process by clicking “End” button after “Firmware is updated”.


Refer to S6R manual from FrSky website download section for how to monitor, receive and set the telemetry data:

All files related to the Frsky STK USB Programmer For S6R/S8R Receiver including manuals available here:

How to upgrade S.Port products

Driver: XP/7/8/Vista

frsky_update_Sport.exe: Lite-S.Port Telemetry

Posted : 13/04/2019 7:52 am
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