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FrSky Xact HV5601 And HV5611 Servo

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The Xact series coreless servos utilize all CNC machined aluminium protective case and metal gears, these servos are 8.4V high voltage capable and offer high speed and configurable torque performance. Also, the Xact series servos offer multiple form factors and configurations to fit for different model types and precision usage.


Working with the F.Port 2.0 protocol, the telemetry data (like real-time current and voltage) of Xact servos can be monitored and transmitted back to the radio by connecting to a F.Port 2.0 capable receiver or flight controller. All the preset servo options of speed and torque can be configured directly via an ACCESS radio through the host device of F.Port 2.0 line and also allows the servo's neutral position and travel degree to be configurable, on all the Xact series.




  • Supports F.Port 2.0, SBUS and PWM protocol
  • High durability with metal gear and all-aluminium CNC machined protective case
  • 3.7 to 8.4V wide voltage capable operation with good speed performance
  • Built-in dual precision balls bearing with hall sensor (5601) / potentiometer sensor (5611)
  • Supports over-current and over-hot monitor and alarm
  • Updatable firmware ensures the performance superior
  • Compatible with specific IDS (Integrated Drive System) kit (Optional)




  • Torque @ 3.7v – 1.40 / 19.4 Oz-in
  • Torque @ 4.2v – 1.90 / 26.4 Oz-in
  • Torque @ 8.4v – 4.1 / 56.9 Oz-in
  • Speed @ 3.7v – 0.11 sec/60°
  • Speed @ 4.2v – 0.10 sec/60°
  • Speed @ 8.4v – 0.05 sec/60°
  • Dimensions: 19x8x23mm (L*W*H)
  • Weight: 9.5g
  • Motor Type: Coreless
  • Servo Horn Spline: Φ4 15T
  • Operating Voltage Range: 3.7-8.4V
  • Max Refresh Rate: 333Hz
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Posted : 26/02/2021 10:55 pm