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[Sticky] FrSky XMPF3E F3EVO Flight Controller with built-In XM+ Receiver

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frsky x FrSky XMPF3E 540x400

Frksy's New F3 all in one Flight controller with built in XM recevier for your quadcopter helps to minimise weight adding an additional receiver to your setup

Model name: XMPF3E
Dimension: 36×36×6mm (L × W × H) with 30.5mm mounting holes
Hardware: STM32F303 CPU (72Mhz inc FPU), MPU9250 (accelerometer/gyro/compass), and BMP280 barometer
for F3EVO, CC2510 CPU for XM+ receiver
Weight: 7g
Channels: 16CH (8CH is RSSI) by SBUS to UART2 Rx of F3EVO
Operating Voltage Range: 4.0~10V
Operating Current: 100mA@5V
Compatibility: FrSky Taranis X9D/X9E/ Horus X12S/XJT in D16 mode
Firmware Upgradeable

Configuration of F3EVO:
Because the XM+ receiver receive the commands of Remote Control and send to F3EVO by SBUS(16CH, 8CH is
RSSI) to UART2 Rx of F3EVO, we need set the appropriate settings on the Configurator tool.
1. In the ports, set the UART2 to be Serial RX.
2. In the Configuration, set the Receiver Mode to be RX_SERIAL and Serial Receiver Provider to be SBUS, and
disable the RSSI_ADC Analog RSSI input.
3. In the Receiver, set the RSSI Channel to be 8.
For other configurations, please refer to the Cleanflight/Betaflight.


The F3EVO runs the open-source Cleanflight/Betaflight flight control (FC) software and firmware upgradeable
(SPRACINGF3EVO), the factory firmware is betaflight_3.0.0_SPRACINGF3EVO.
The XM+ receiver runs the software which was developed by FrSky and firmware upgradeable

All files relating to the XMPF3E F3EVO Flight Controller with built-In XM+ Receiver including manuals and firmware updates can be found here:

Posted : 11/04/2019 12:34 pm