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[Sticky] Taranis Q X7  

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X7 has nearly all of the same features as the Taranis Plus, because it also runs OpenTX. FrSky has focused on reducing the price, while also making some improvements. The only differences are that the X7 has a smaller LCD display, only 6 switches instead of 8, and no side sliders. It has a more modern case design with excellent ergonomics, having large rubber grips on the back and gentle angles on the front. Navigation of the radio is greatly improved with a rotary encoder on the right of the display, and 3 buttons on the left.

It also comes with no battery, and no battery charger. The X7 can take six normal AA cells pack, or a 2S Lipo. The X7 uses a battery connector that will mate with those used on 2S Lipo balancing plugs and now has an internal charging curcuit, so no need to remove batteries for charging.

The power switch is a flush membrane switch, and must be held down for four seconds to turn off, avoiding turning it off accidentally.
The X7 will work with all FrSky receivers and sensors, giving you one of the largest reasonably priced selections to choose from, with FrSky's rock solid RF system which has an excellent reputation.

All files relating to the Taranis Q x7 including manuals and OS updates can be found here:

Posted : 11/04/2019 10:36 am
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