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Continuous announcement "Receiver battery low"

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Hi all,

I am using a 2019 blue Taranis Tx. When I bought it 2 years ago, I had a load of problems getting it to work, and a member here helped me to roll it back to the previous version of OpenTx so that all my existing receivers continued to work. Since then I've bought new receivers from Richard at T9 "flashed to original ACCST version", which work with this Tx fine.

Recently I made a twin electric-powered model with twin identical speed controllers with BECs, both connected to channel 3 of the Rx. When this model is connected, the Tx starts to say (along with all other telemetry announcements) "Receiver battery low" every 4 seconds or so. It continues to say this even when the model is then switched off. The Tx display shows the Rx voltage is 4.8v when the model is connected. I can't find any way to reset this to a sensible alarm voltage such as 4.0v. It doesn't do this when connected to any other model  (except once with other alarms when the model and Tx are connecting). I've tried changing the receiver from an X6R to an X8R - the alarm still does this.

Please can anyone help me to get this incorrect and annoying announcement to work correctly? Or just to stop the receiver battery warning from sounding?

Many thanks,


Posted : 02/10/2023 8:39 am
Barry Cole
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Stuart, get in touch

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Posted : 02/10/2023 11:28 am
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Barry has sorted me out. The answer was under my nose, a conditional switch that I hadn't noticed, set to 5.0 volts. Thanks, Barry, illustrious indeed,

Posted : 03/10/2023 2:47 pm