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[Sticky] Taranis X9+  

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Taranis X 9 TX

The revolutionary Taranis has transformed R/C transmitter capability giving you total programming control to do anything you can think of and with Frsky's range of receivers and sensors you have everything you could possibly need!


TARANIS - Rock solid 2.4G, supreme flexibility and quality, all at an amazing price.

TARANIS and it's remarkable OpenTX software, offers everyone from sport hobbyist to advanced RC user, an unprecedented range of features and flexibility - all in a tough, quality package, with the reliable and proven FrSky 2.4ghz technology ready installed, and at an amazingly affordable price.

TARANIS - high end unit functionality - now made incredibly accessible by FrSKY.

All files relating to the Taranis X9+ including manuals and OS updates can be found here:  

Taranis X9D Plus SE

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