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TARANIS X9E Missing...
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TARANIS X9E Missing 2nd Pop-up Window at Start

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I feel like tearing my hair out, but I did that yesterday.
Been battling with a Taranis X7 on and off for weeks. I mentally wrote it off, knowing I had a trusty Taranis X9E to hand. ..But on doing the three finger boot up with the X9E, I am faced with just ONE pop up window on the PC …”TX SD Card”, but there were always two pop-ups. What was the other? And what governs their display? What is not happening as it should?

Tx Companion does not recognise that there is a transmitter attached! (Tried two versions of Companion just in case) This transmitter has not been fiddled with since the last time it was used, when it was working fine! Damn. I’m at a loss at how to start to diagnose this problem?

Surely I am not going to loose both my transmitters. Boo hoo.

Any ideas as to where to start/look gratefully welcomed.

Ken Barrie

Posted : 20/07/2023 7:55 pm