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[Sticky] Taranis X9E  

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The FrSky Taranis E is an evolution of the very popular FrSky Taranis, but with a tray layout to suit pinch fliers, and also providing easier access to additional inputs. There are many refinements, including:
⦁ Upgraded CNC arms for a better gimbal feel
⦁ A colour OLED top mounted display for telemetry data
⦁ Brand new 4 bearing gimbals with upgraded CNC arms for an improved feel
⦁ Easier navigation via buttons and rotary encoder
⦁ Bluetooth (not yet supported via computers)
⦁ Two additional sliders
⦁ Expandable – room for more switches and pots!
⦁ Safe start and safe shutdown power switch

And the usual X9D Plus Features.

All files relating to the Taranis X9E including manuals and OS updates can be found here:  

Taranis X9E

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