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TD RF module firmware Update

Rich bago
Admin Admin

Please note there has been a recommended update 2.1.8 for the TD internal module for the X20:

1. Download the device firmware from the FrSky website and unzip it
2. Copy the firmware to the "firmware" folder
3. Using the ETHOS file manager navigate to the firmware file.
4. Long press n the firmware file and select internal module
5. Flash progress bar displays and flash takes place and ends with OK
6. Click on OK
7. Restart system (if TD-ISRM flashed)

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Topic starter Posted : 31/05/2021 12:00 pm
Lee Smalley
Active Member

just a note for newbies like me, you will need to put the x20 in bootloader mode again to access the internal drives and you will need to create a folder in the main drive (the one with audio models etc) called firmware and pop the downloaded file in there, then select as above 

Posted : 04/06/2021 11:15 pm
Active Member

I think there's a new update  2.1.9

Posted : 31/07/2021 10:00 am
Richard M
New Member

On my X20S, the firmware versions are labelled 'EU', for example '1.0.7, EU' for the X20S firmware version and '2.1.8 (EU)' for the internal module firmware version. Anyone know if there are EU-specific updates that we should be downloading or are they the same files as for other geographies?


Posted : 05/08/2021 2:25 pm
Richard M
New Member

I found the answer in another post and by downloading the firmware update .zip file! For those of you who are curious, the main firmware update .zip file contains 3 folders when unzipped, and one of them is entitled 'X20S-EU' so it's the update inside this folder that is relevant to those of us in the EU!

Posted : 05/08/2021 4:44 pm