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Hi Folks

Complete novice with a X20S inbound, your patience appreciated.

A friend is seriously contemplating joining me and ordering a X20S but only has MAC, no PC access, can he update and do all the clever stuff on a MAC?

For me, my radio arrives in the morning, is there a one stop shop and or series of first steps to carry out before I end up in knots?

(I have been using a Radiomaster TX16S successfully for the past year, so am not totally IT illiterate but all help appreciated).

Thanks in advance and for your patience.


Posted : 08/08/2022 5:50 pm
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Hi there I use an iMac desk top and have no trouble at all in updating my X20S - or my previous Taranis come to that. In fact I think it is even easier on a Mac that on a PC because when your Tx is in boot loader mode and connected to the Mac using the USB cable supplied 2 icons will appear on the desk top; one will say SD Card and the other will say Flash Drive. Just make sure that only the bitmap folder goes into the Flash Drive and as far as I know everything else goes into the SD Card. Once any new update downloads have been made they will appear in the download part of Finder on Mac from there they can be dragged to the desk top. Where they can be opened to reveal the folders within. The icons marked SD Card and Flash Drive can also be opened  and the relevant downloaded folders dragged to the SD Card and Flash Drive. Then eject the two icons SD Card and Flash Drive from the desk top, pull the usb cable from the Tx and the update will upload/flash to the Tx. I hope this helps, I fear I may have made it sound more complicated than it actually is. Try the 'Falling with Style' videos on Youtube by Mr D (Daren) they are excellent. Cheers, Pete.

Posted : 15/08/2022 2:59 pm